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At JBC we are business professionals who are also IT specialists, we have a
genuine understanding of how technology can improve business performance.

JBC can tailor technology solutions for any environment. From servers to desktops, secure VPN’s to data storage systems, either within the office or out of it. We can
also provide cabling and robust network infrastructure, together with plumbing
and electrics.

Our services division integrates and maintains technology to establish reliable and efficient customer networks. We partner with our clients to ensure technology is always performing efficiently and working at optimum performance. Regardless
of the hardware and software used, our specialists design solutions produced to individual client requirements, every time.

JBC Computers
Hosted Solutions & Cloud Computing   

Cloud ComputingVirtual Desktop
& Cloud Computing

Virtual desktop offers you the convenience of local software suites with a centralised file storage solution, driven by powerful server clusters that are located in secure data centres and maintained by highly trained professionals. All with no initial capital expenditure.

Do you know what the total cost of ownership is of operating a conventional desktop / laptop is? Consider these costs:

  • IT management on to cover all your locations
    to cover the times your employees work.
  • Capital outlays based on time elapsed / headcount growth.
  • Hardware refreshes / upgrades.
  • Software upgrades.
  • Disparate islands of data scattered around the
    hard drives getting into the wrong hands.
  • Lost time / unproductive employees whilst desktops with issues are waiting to be resolved.

The real killer in desktop ownership is not initial capital expense but the support and maintenance of the over
its lifetime.

JBC’s Hosted Desktop is fully managed, out-sourced enterprise-grade server hosting solution for businesses.
All applications will be run on our partner datacentre servers, located in centres in Coventry and London.
Users have access to the latest version of Microsoft
Office Professional.

Additionally we can install any proprietary accounting or auditing software that you need that is capable of running in a terminal services environment; all businesses have to do is provide the original licensed software. The datacentre team will fully maintain the system and provide free software updates and patches as necessary for the
duration of the contract.

JBC Computers

We offer free backups of data every 4 hours and run the latest firewall technology to keep user files safe. In addition to 24-7-365 telephone technical support, we have multiple redundancies on our power supply and connectivity, meaning that we can keep our client's business online 24-7-365 too. The service is backed by a 100% service level agreement.

The benefits of a JBC’s Hosted Desktop system are many:

  • Reduced capital outlay
  • Less depreciation
  • Longer useful life of existing terminal hardware
  • Servers moved off site for added security
  • Built in technical support and hardware warranties
  • Automatic software upgrades and patching
  • No more licensing issues
  • Intrinsic disaster recovery
  • Scalable service add users as your business grows
  • Less power consumption meaning reduced utility bills

Hosted Desktop offers benefits across three main areas technical improvements in the speed and service level of your server, reduced setup costs and overheads and a smaller environmental footprint. In practice our clients
that are already using the system have found there to
be no operational difference between it and the traditional thick client mode of running IT systems.

When using a Hosted Desktop, you just log on to the machine as normal, but you work in an environment that is running on one of our servers rather than in the box next to your desk. Hosted Desktop is the new way to run an office. By virtualising and outsourcing software and server hosting, you save money and time and gain reliability, performance and security.


JBC Computers

Hosted Exchange Messaging Hosted Exchange Messaging

Like our Virtual Desktop service, you can avoid large dents in your budget from periodic software upgrades, staffing / consulting costs and get complete peace of mind over the security and high availability of your data with Exchange and Messaging from JBC and our partners.

Whether you adding more users to an existing Exchange environment, moving from another (Novell / Groupwise)
or starting from the ground up, we can help you transform what you have into a pain free and integrated messaging environment.

Hosted Exchange Messaging Deliverables:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange.
  • Full Outlook and Calendar functionality.
  • Supported by Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile handsets, this revolutionary technology brings secure real time email and contacts management to your mobile devices. Called Push email, this technology automatically forwards emails from our servers to you mobile device.
  • 1GB of mailbox space.
  • Share documents with your colleagues.
  • Advanced spam and virus protection.
  • Back up and restore functionality.



Blackberry Synchronisation

Need Blackberry Synchronisation? Fully integrated with Microsoft Exchange, with our Blackberry Sync there is
no need to deploy and manage an expensive BlackBerry Enterprise server.

Instead, our BlackBerry Sync is a one-stop, no-compromise, wireless email solution that allows users to stay connected with access to email, phone, web and organiser features
on the go.

Our Managed Enterprise BlackBerry service includes BlackBerry "push" technology meaning you don't have
to retrieve your email - it finds you.

  • Full Exchange Functionality - access fully synchronized email, calendar and contacts on your BlackBerry Enterprise device
  • Advanced Security - relax in the knowledge that your data is transmitted using strong 3DES encryption and managed by an ISO9001 certified organisation
  • Peace of Mind - there's no need to worry if you lose your device as our 24x7 Service Desk can remotely wipe your device upon request
  • Easy Set-up - our professional set up team will have you up and running in minutes with over the air configuration of your device


  • Short Message Service (SMS) or text messaging as
    it is commonly known is a worldwide market seeing eye watering growth is it any wonder this is the case when you can send messages for less than 3 pence or Euros via our bulk SMS service?
  • SMS via the Web - send text messages to over
    3 billion mobile phones from your desktop!
  • Organise events, sent bulk marketing, alerts, enable replies - limitless possibilities to improve sales and customer service using SMS.
JBC Computers

Managed Server Hosting

Managed Server Hosting Deliverables

From a single server supplied by us to a load balanced
dual site hosted architecture encompassing your previous hardware and software investments, we can work with you - your site, our data centre, your servers, our software licenses - it really does not matter to us.

JBC’s Managed Server Hosting accommodates your preferences and is fully customizable and flexible.

We work closely with our customers to design and implement a monitoring solution tailored to their needs
that is truly effective at identifying conditions specific to
our customer's applications that could result in a loss of performance or visibility. Once identified, procedures are put in place to trap these conditions at the earliest possible stage and rectify them with minimal impact to service.

In parallel to this we work with the developers of applications and the infrastructure architects to prevent such situations reoccurring.


Managed Server affordability and value

Want to keep that bottom line looking good? Then you
will appreciate avoiding large upfront capital payments
and instead, fixed monthly rental.

Managed hosting features

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • 24 x 7 Premium Support
  • UPS and Backup Generators
  • Hardware monitoring
  • 24 x 7 Site Monitoring

Managed Server Enquiry

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JBC Computers

UK Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are looking to host mission critical e commerce database driven applications where you cannot afford to take chances on security and want unlimited performance, Dedicated Hosting, is the minimum level within our range
of hosting services that you should be considering.

JBC delivers a choice of no-nonsense and hassle-free server options configured and installed by our vendor-certified technicians. You can tailor the specification of your hardware and software requirements and add firewalls, load balancing and other options too - simply talk with us and let us help you identify the right solution components to suit your budget and level of sophistication demanded by your applications.



UK Dedicated Server Hosting Deliverables

  • Fully configured and installed server to
    and including operating system layer
  • Monitoring of performance and availability
    of network
  • Hardware, operating system and application
    process monitoring
  • Access and control via RDP / SSH
  • Technicians on hand 24 x 7 x 365
  • 100 % Uptime SLA
  • Fully Burstable Gigabit Port
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Telephone Support

Dedicated Hosting is also an ideal migration from Shared
or Virtual Server Hosting or indeed a stepping-stone towards Managed Hosting where all the operational
burden are removed.

UK Dedicated Server Enquiry

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JBC Computers

Shared Server Hosting

Shared Hosting is ideal for information-based or fairly simple database driven Web sites. Unlike other Shared Hosting offerings, we deliver generous amounts of resilient bandwidth into a fully meshed and redundant shared hosting platform.

Close monitoring of performance and availability parameters coupled with care afforded by our highly experienced Technicians means you can be reassured your Web site is "always on".



Shared Server Hosting - Optional Deliverables

  • Rapid provisioning of your chosen
    Shared Hosting plan
  • Monitoring of performance and
    availability of network
  • Hardware, operating system and
    application process monitoring
  • Technicians on hand 24 x 7 x 365
  • 100 % Uptime SLA
  • Fully Burstable Gigabit Port
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Telephone Support
  • Customer care team to address any
    matters arising

Shared Server Hosting Enquiry

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JBC Computers

JBC Hosted Telephony

What is TotalTalk Hosted IP PBX?

A Hosted IP PBX is simply the newest alternative to a traditional telephone system.

Our TotalTalk product provides your business with every PBX feature imaginable included within a set monthly price per user. This set pricing gives your business un-restricted access to all of these features along with unlimited incoming and outgoing telephone lines.

How Does it Work?

Voice Over Internet Protocol telephony is the fastest growing type of business telephone system worldwide and by using the internet to send and receive voice telephone calls, businesses can take advantage of reduced call rates and also of the advanced features that in the past were available only to companies investing thousands of pounds into their telephone systems.

Our TotalTalk Hosted IP PBX works directly through your broadband internet connection. A typical broadband connection will allow up to 6 simultaneous calls to be
made or received at the same time.



Initial Benefits

  • JBC TotalTalk is charged per user. No need to
    rent any phone lines
  • JBC TotalTalk includes free setup. No line installation charges (usually £106 + VAT each)
  • JBC TotalTalk is an enterprise grade solution
    for all sizes of business.
  • CHOOSE from a massive range of 0800, 0845,
    0870, and any 01 or 02 number ranges.

tick   Enterprise level call features
tick   On line call centre management
tick   Massively reduces telecoms overheads

JBC Hosted Telephony Enquiry

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